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I hope you will allow me a brief response to Andrew Parrott’s letter (18 April) concerning 
the distribution of the UK

In fact, I said 95 per cent of the population of this island, not of the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, he is still right to take me to task. I had intended to write 95 per cent of the population of “the remainder of this island” (ie without Scotland), but failed to edit my letter properly.

Perhaps he can agree that 95 per cent is a broadly fair representation of the situation south of the Tweed and east of the Irish Sea.

Accuracy is indeed important, so my apologies to him and to your readers. No slight was intended. If Scotland chooses to remain in the United Kingdom I shall of course be very happy for it to be represented in the House of Commons in proportion to its population, rather than marginally over-represented as it is now.

I will remain very unhappy, however, about Scottish representatives voting on English 
domestic matters.

James Matthews

Great North Road