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I am struck by the poll indicating that one in six (17 per cent) would think about leaving if Scotland becomes independent, with 5 per cent considering emigrating if there is a No vote (your report, 28 July).

If replicated, this would mean that up to 700,000 would go in the event of a Yes vote and 200,000 if independence is rejected.

This reminded me of campaigning back in 1997 when friends, colleagues and others indicated that should Scots vote for the return of a Scottish Parliament they would leave as this would result in investment drying up and companies fleeing the country.

As with independence, none of these dire warnings came to pass and those who said that they would leave are, curiously, still here.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace


So some people say they will leave Scotland when we vote for independence? Good. Better still, can we persuade them to go now? Maybe a wee fund to help them with their fares.

An independent Scotland will be the place for those with pride, imagination and energetic ambition. I’d rather we didn’t have those dead weights holding us back.

Dave McEwan Hill