Ex-pat empathy with suffragette

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ALTHOUGH a mere male, I was interested in your article “Making of a martyr” (The Week, 2 June) as I have recently become disenfranchised and I am beginning to realise why some people feel the need to take such action. My sin is to be an ex-pat Scot, compounded by the fact that I live in England and am not considered good enough to have my say in next year’s referendum.

However, I doubt if the current “parcel of rogues” in Holy­rood merit similar forms of self-sacrifice. I am very much the genuine article, born, bred and educated in Scotland and not one of those kilted Kiwis or even someone who only qualifies to play rugby for Scotland because his granny was born in the Channel Islands.

It is interesting to compare the situation with that of one of the world’s newest countries, South Sudan, which despite the problems caused by war and famine managed to allow its ex-pats to vote in its plebiscite in 2011. This lesson in democracy should not be lost in Edinburgh, where gerrymandering seems to rule the day.

David McKirdy, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts