EU shackles

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Whether Prime Minister David Cameron agrees or not, the Chancellor has stated plump and plain that the European Union must change its dictatorial controls if Britain is to remain a member. By contrast, the ex-Communist José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, has made it clear that the EU must tighten its political/federalist controls. Something’s got to give.

The British people, it seems clear, are not impressed by the wilting lily Liberal Democrats who claim that the mounting tension about Britain’s membership of the EU is damaging business in our economy. If so, why did Honda’s vice-president say with regret of the 800 Swindon job losses: “While the UK market is stable and there’s opportunity for growth, we don’t see the same opportunity in mainland Europe.”

History tells us that we seafaring British were the most extensive traders in all Europe and now as the pulse of mainland Europe falters, we must recover our trading habits with the emergent nations, India, China, Russia, Brazil and others.

The time is here to rid ourselves of the shackles of that decaying conspiracy that is the European Union.

Alastair Harper

by Dunfermline