EU dilemma

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I AGREE entirely with Donald Lewis (Letters, 4 February) about the SNP’s lack of comment on the implications of the fact that Scotland would be required to accept the Schengen Agreement on open borders should we join the European Union if the Yes vote were to win the day. The subsequent need for a controlled border with the rest of the UK is a massive issue.

For me there is another massive elephant in the room that Alex Salmond and all of his supporters have chosen to consistenty ignore: how do they propose that we can keep the pound sterling and at the same time join the EU as a new member state without being forced to accept the euro as our currency? Make no mistake; the EU is abundantly clear in its statements that every new member state is required to join the euro as a condition of entry into its dubious ranks.

The SNP’s future currency policy is a complete shambles and while this is a huge concern for individual citizens like me, it is a complete nightmare for the Scottish corporate world with the massive negative implications for exchange and interest rates and investment.

These are not esoteric issues (or “scaremongering”), as ultimately they would impact hugely on all of us.

David K Allan

The Square, Mainshill

Haddington, East Lothian