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The constant repetition in the Westminster parliament of the doctrine of English votes for English laws is to be questioned at several levels.

If that parliament were to vote for a largely private English health service, the Scottish Government would automatically be deprived of part of its finances by virtue of the Barnett Formula.

If the Westminster parliament were to vote for a ruinously expensive war, the Scottish tax revenue would in part be used to finance it.

If the system of Her Majesty’s loyal opposition were to break down, which happened during the recent referendum where all the main parties acted in collusion, and they voted unanimously to cut welfare provision in Scotland to pay for the national debt, the Scottish Government could do nothing.

Iain WD Forde

Main Street

Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire

People in Scotland who resent laws being made by outsiders should extend sympathy to friends in England faced with the same possibility.

However, it is said that SNP members at Westminster always abstain during divisions on English-only matters.

Perhaps it would calm debate if you could publish figures on how many times how many of them have broken this tradition.

If the numbers are indeed low, the severity of the problem would be reduced by having lots more SNP members at Westminster.

Stephen Salter

Blackford Road