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The closure of Longannet is a disaster in terms of our energy security and the appalling loss of jobs.

However, it should also be a reason for celebration, for at least four reasons. There will be less pollution as we reduce fossil fuel consumption even more. Hurrah! That will keep all those “environmental” groups happy.

It will demonstrate, as nothing else can, that wind power is the most utterly useless, unreliable and economically predatory form of power generation.

Our elected representatives may at last have to change their current habit of not listening to warnings and pay urgent attention as the lights go out and people start rioting.

The wind industry will cease to exist and we can at last enjoy our breakfast without having to listen to the likes of Niall Stuart of Scottish Renewables and numerous politicians instructing us in how the world could be saved by unknown numbers of turbines (as demonstrated by the absence of any current official data) and how we personally should finance it.

Lyndsey Ward