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With the SNP and the Greens attracting thousands of new members fresh and hot from the referendum campaign, the challenge for both parties must be how best to channel that energy and ensure that they retain those members as activists in the longer term.

Next year’s election to Westminster offers a golden opportunity if each is prepared to think outside the party box. An electoral pact of those wishing to hold Westminster’s feet to the fire could be a winning combination.

Of course, the SNP could go it alone, but might it not just make better sense to get the Greens 
on board?

Both parties’ new members have already worked alongside each other for many months. Might not they well find common cause again if the leadership of their new parties had the imagination to embrace the opportunity and unite in common cause?

Were the SNP to be gracious enough to endorse them and give the Greens a free run in a small number of seats, perhaps one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh, then the parties, their members and their supporters might unite in common cause and, as the Ukip wave sweeps through the Tory heartlands, ensure that those recalcitrant devolutionary feet were properly toasted.

The Greens would certainly have nothing to lose, and Nicola Sturgeon, the shortly to be anointed leader of the SNP, could have much to gain by truly being seen to act in Scotland’s and not just her party’s interest.

Michael Collie

Brucefield Avenue