End of the UK?

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David Torrance says that “even the SNP does not propose ending the ‘united kingdom’ forged in 1707” (Letters, 25 February).

This point of view is not reflected in its official publications. For example, in the Scottish Executive paper of August 2007 entitled, Choosing Scotland’s Future: A National Conversation, it stated that the nature of the Union would change to become “United Kingdoms rather than a United Kingdom”.

By the time of its February 2010 document, entitled Scotland’s Future: Draft Referendum (Scotland) Bill Consultation Paper, the Scottish Government had changed this further to explain that the relationship would be “united kingdoms rather than a United Kingdom”. Note the addition of the lower case letters.

In its consultation paper, dated January 2012, Your Scotland, Your Referendum, the Scottish Government used the phrase “former United Kingdom”.

Alistair McConnachie

Bath Street