End of the affair

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There seem to be many labouring under the illusion that there is now an unstoppable movement towards independence. There is not. Even if there had apparently been one, it was stopped in its tracks on 18 
September. The vast majority of people voted No and that means that Scotland will remain in the United Kingdom. Period.

There may be some such as Alex Salmond who think that the election of a majority of SNP MSPs at the election in 2016 provides legitimacy for a move to independence.

It does not: the SNP is a political party, with its own policies that many do not like. Nor does anything other than a vote of at least a simple majority of electors to a specific question give any legitimacy to such a fundamental change.

Scotland now expects to be given further devolved powers. Much of the emphasis has been put on tax-raising. However, at least as much attention has to be on spending powers. Why should the Scottish Government not have the power, and responsibility, to decide how social security monies should be spent?

We know our requirements here better than any Westminster government. Then we can’t blame a Westminster government for not understanding how to deal with Scotland’s many poverty and deprivation issues.

John Elliot

Lauder Loan