End of life

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That state-legislated euthanasia is unacceptable (Letters, 14 October) cannot be gainsaid, but avoids recognising individual needs. If it is someone’s wish to die – and unequivocally theirs alone – then that has to be taken into account in a compassionate society.  

Supportive and palliative care, perhaps in a hospice, can only do so much for those who find, without any external pressures, that life is truly intolerable. They will be asking for more extensive relief and if they are mentally competent, should that not be provided?

This is not euthanasia in any way, but entirely personal. The corollary is that those who have lost mental or physical competence must never be written off just because they have. It does raise the need to debate, however, whether to offer relief before they reach such a state – if it is their own wish not to end up sans everything.

Joe Darby


Dingwall, Ross-shire