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David Garvie (Letters, 3 June) states that “Scotland already “owns” 8.7 per cent of every UK embassy and consulate” and then suggests that a “simple leasing arrangement” would be all that was required to set up an ­international network of ­Scottish embassies.

This might just be conceivable in the larger embassies such as Washington, or Paris, but what about the smaller consulates scattered throughout the world. Calculating 8.7 per cent of a ­locally recruited support worker might be rather difficult. (And what would happen if the two governments developed different priorities or foreign ­policies?)

There is, of course, one way Scotland’s travellers and international businessmen could benefit from 100 (not just 8.7) per cent of Britain’s embassy and consulate resources throughout the world – and that is by ­remaining within the Union.

Peter Lewis

Greenhill Place