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Peter Bolton (Letters, 29 September) uses many words to get across his simple message – “Scottish independence would be damaging for England so it should not be allowed.”

So tiny countries seeking freedom from integration into Russia, for example, was clearly just and right, but Scots can have no such expectation? The referendum was of course the first time the Scottish people were asked if they wanted the Union.

I remind him that the essential message from the No campaign was that independence represented a high-risk route for Scotland, which was unlikely to be an economic success on its own.

Canny Scots would vote for the safe UK option. On this argument I have difficulty in grasping how England being rid of such an economic millstone as Scotland could be other than a great boost.

However, Mr Bolton rightly quotes George Kerevan’s recognition that the markets saw it all very differently and anticipated great damage to rUK.

George’s pessimism over the UK economy was echoed by Bill Jamieson last week (funny that Bill was not saying this pre-referendum). I fear we shall find out all too soon just how safe the safe option has been.

Independence for Scotland would force England to face up to its world power delusions requiring a defence budget out of proportion to the size of its economy, which would be no bad thing.

Alan Oliver

Battock Road