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Regarding your story, “Killing of golden eagle leads to concern for species” (9 April), we all know who does the killing and why they do it.

Let’s not beat about the bush. Landowners who have an 
interest in the extermination of 
eagles do not have to say anything to gamekeepers.

Gamekeepers do not have to converse with their employers. Nothing is said; there is no 

If golden eagles breed and bring forth more golden eagles, then without anything being said, the gamekeeper would lose his job. The police try their best to find and charge the culprits, but they work with limited 

May I make a suggestion: where there are gamekeepers there are also poachers.

Why do we not pay poachers to inform on gamekeepers, and any gamekeeper who is found guilty should stand in the dock alongside his employer?

Another take on the old saying, “poacher turned gamekeeper”.

K Wilson

Middle Norton