Dumbing down

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Alexander McKay’s defence of south of England slang (Letters, 6 September) may possibly be relevant at the levels he mentions.

But for the British Prime 
Minister (and the leader of the opposition is possibly even worse in this respect) to use it in public utterances is a sad indication of just how far Britain, and British standards, have sunk on the world stage.

The English language is one of the few lasting treasures we are left with. Is parochialism and dumbing down going to see it off as well?

Irvine Inglis



I totally agree with Jim C Wilson (Letters, 5 September). He calls it slang but I have seen in print examples of accepted received pronunciation eg “libree” for “library” and the usage of “stood” for standing as in “he was stood there” as well as “sat” for sitting. Unfortunately, such language is commonplace and permeates much of our media who should know better. Perhaps not.

After all, we cannot all have been privileged to have been taught English by exceptional teachers as I was in a council secondary school.

George Cooper