Dome doom

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As someone who has used 
the ScotlandsPeople Centre in Princes Street almost every week for several years, I have learned with surprise and dismay of the imminent closure of the stunningly distinctive Matheson Dome within it.

The centre, through taster 
sessions, fascinating exhibitions and introductory group sessions, has worked to increase the number of customers using this wonderful family history
research facility.

Despite seasonally fluctuating numbers, the general trend of the numbers of people using the centre appears to be definitely upwards.

This makes the reduction of 30 per cent of the normally available search places all the more incomprehensible.

Even worse, the part that 
will no longer be used is the dome, which is always proudly shown off when distinguished visitors are given tours of the 

It has always been regarded by regular users as the best of the search rooms as far as space and comfort are concerned.

I hope that everyone who has 
enjoyed the use of the dome will express their concern to the 
management of the centre in order to get them to change their minds.

Allan Henderson

Glenalla Crescent