Dog crackdown

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Yet another dog attack has resulted in the tragic death of a child (your report, 6 November).

The proposed changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act cannot come quickly enough and parliament must back these proposals and fast track this legislation before another child is killed.

It is proposed that owners whose dogs kill will face 14 years in jail.

If a dog injures someone the owner could be imprisoned for five years and if a dog attacks a guide dog the penalty will be three years in jail for the owner.

In the past ten years, the majority of fatal dog attacks were in or around homes.

Having looked at reports of these incidents it would appear that the majority of the dog owners live in social housing.

Many dogs are being pushed out in the mornings to roam, 
create filth and be a danger to the public.

In this sad case the flat is owned by a housing association, which prohibits tenants from keeping dogs.

Local authorities and housing associations which do not already ban dogs should now do so.

Those who do need to ensure compliance.

Clark Cross