Dodgy economics

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At the May European elections the SNP polled 9.7 per cent of the total Scottish electorate of 4,016,735. Since then the
electorate has been subject to a propaganda barrage in which promises have been heaped upon more promises.

Unionists have been
abused, shouted down and intimidated. Independence has been advertised as the magic way to boost economic growth and fairness. But how this will happen is never explained.

Alex Salmond’s manic enthusiasm for dividing Britain never extends to facing up to the harsh realities of managing the economy.

But he was forced to reveal his currency plans in the leader’s debate on 25 August. Finance secretary John Swinney confirmed them the next day. The SNP’s currency plans are not the full shilling.

If there is a Yes vote the pound would continue to
circulate without monetary regulation. There would be no
Financial Conduct Authority and no central bank.

Furthermore, Scotland would default on its debts of £100 billion, sending shockwaves through the money markets. This is the economics of the madhouse. It guarantees an
economic crisis and years of

The currency issue is not
academic; it is a practical issue for us all. If you are a pensioner, a mortgage payer, a benefit recipient, salaried or a wage earner, or if you have savings in the bank, a Yes vote puts all of these at risk.

William Loneskie