Divided logic

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If people get together and wish to have a club which is limited to one sex only, surely this is their right?

What business is it of anyone else how they wish to govern a private club to suit the wishes of its members? Naturally, if such a club receives any public funding then it is a matter for the public at large, otherwise it is none of our business.

I am sure that most of us males would find the idea of a male-only organisation distasteful – I certainly would – but then if we do object we just do not join.

Why women would wish to push into a club where they are apparently not wanted, I cannot
understand. What we see here through all the stour is the usual politically correct rubbish running riot.

R Mill Irving

Station Road

Gifford, East Lothian.

I can’t help feeling that the people who don’t understand why it’s wrong that Muirfield won’t allow women to become members are the kind of people who have never known what it’s like to feel excluded simply because of their gender or race.

I suspect that many of these people simply don’t have any friends who have experienced being treated like second-class citizens for these reasons.

We are dealing with a matter of principle here. It’s not good enough to say: “Why would you want to be part of a club that doesn’t want you as a member anyway?” and walk away.

If you applied that logic to all the injustice in the world, we would be in a worse situation than we face at present.

Wrongs are only righted when people try to do something to affect change.

Angela Innes

Dundas Street


Alex Salmond refused to go to Muirfield for the Open golf competition because it was taking place at a men-only club.

Yet more hypocrisy from this man as he searches hither and thither for more votes for his Yes campaign.

He is well aware that Lundin Ladies is the oldest ladies’ golf club in the world and the only ladies-only golf club in Scotland.

This club, at Lundin Links in Fife, is run solely by the ladies, has close to 300 members and has its own clubhouse, course and staff. I have heard no “this should not be allowed in this day and age” as Mr Salmond pontificated about Muirfield.

Good luck to you ladies away from the men.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road