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On the matter of Edinburgh’s trams, Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh Airport, is quoted (your report, 18 September) as saying that “when the links with our national rail network at Haymarket, Edinburgh Park and, importantly, Gogar are complete, it will provide real integration and slash journey times across Scotland”.

Really? I am unaware of any railway station at Gogar, only slow trains stop at Edinburgh Park and I don’t see how travelling to Haymarket by tram rather than airport bus will “slash” journey times.

Most significant, of course, is the fact that Waverley Station is not included in his remarks, probably because the nearest tram stops to Edinburgh’s main station are some distance away at the Mound and St Andrew Square.

Earlier this month three bus services which stopped on Waverley Bridge were re-routed, according to Lothian Buses’ website, “in preperation (sic) for the introduction of tram (sic)” ­forcing passengers to walk much farther to reach the station.

City of Edinburgh Council recently announced, with some fanfare, that it is set to create a new organisation to integrate “all modes of transport available in Edinburgh” but an increasingly sceptical public has few expectations of improvement.

Stan Elder

Avon Road