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TO ANYONE with the benefits of a Scottish education (and a good memory), the parallels between the Jacobite song, Hey Johnnie Cope Are Ye Marching Yet? and the perceived complacency of the No campaign might strike a chord.

It is small wonder that the current occupant of Bute House is enjoying his porridge of a morning. Mind you, Charles Edward Stuart probably felt much the same at the mid-point in his campaign.

Anyone who cares to wander through the Grassmarket and down The Mound can’t help but be impressed by the number of Saltire flags that have recently unfurled, proud across the city skyline, whilst the flaccid Union flag looks rather lonely atop Edinburgh Castle. For how long?

Am I alone in thinking that the “Better Together” team has gone into early summer recess? As one who styles himself “proud to be British, privileged to be Scots”, I am coming to the view that 18 September will be a close-run thing unless the pro-Union parties set out their united vision for strengthening devolution.

Ian Gibson

York Road

Trinity, Edinburgh