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Bill Jamieson’s excellent analysis of the issues surrounding independence for Scotland (Perspective, 28 August) should be read by everyone before polling day.

Politicians on both sides of the argument have concentrated on the big ticket issues (with no clear result) and failed to address many of the thousands of important issues which are ingrained into everyday life (the break-up of Czechoslovakia required 30 acts of parliament and 1,200 treaties; rUK/Scotland may require many more).

The BBC problem has only just been aired but what about energy, internet and telecommunications infrastructures? Will all of these be unregulated in an independent Scotland?

Regulation in the UK hasn’t prevented these becoming a “dripping roast” for the companies that own them.

There is also the RBS problem. Will rUK demand return of 90 per cent of the £45 billion investment. Some analysts believe RBS is doomed anyway because of the massive claims against it.

Many voters would also like to see some flesh added to the bones of the idea of a “fairer, more equal society”.

Mike Underwood

Friars Brae