Destructive force

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I HAVE previously written to suggest the SNP should put its own house (ie, Scotland) in order before promising to solve the problems of the rest of the UK. The First Minister now seems to be promising that the SNP will be “positive for the whole of the UK”, despite last year’s referendum being incredibly divisive for Scotland, and despite their desire to break up the UK.

Perhaps her ploy is to annoy the English, Welsh and Irish so much that they will want to see us off, but in the meantime can her government not demonstrate they can be positive for Scotland, eg, create an environment for jobs to flourish?


Liberton Drive


Nicola Sturgeon in a speech at the London School Of Economics claimed the SNP would be a constructive force at Westminster after the General Election.

I can’t think of a more destructive force at Westminster, determined to break up the Union and refusing to listen to 55 per cent of the electorate who voted No. She is demanding full fiscal control and proposing to get rid of the Barnett formula that has been successful for years and to rely on tax income from oil –recent events have shown how volatile this is – for the future of Scotland. I don’t think since Guy Fawkes there has been a more destructive force at Westminster.


Simpson Square