Destroy Red Road

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The Red Road flats in Glasgow were part of the post-war boom in high-rise building in response to pressure for housing and lack of space in cities like Glasgow.

Initially they were welcomed, especially by those rehoused from older tenements, and 
remained popular with many.

However, the high costs of building and maintenance led to their demise, as well as 
problems with young children, social isolation and often lack of surrounding amenities.

During the World Student Games in Sheffield, athletes were housed in some of the high-rise flats which were blown up afterwards.

The Red Road flats are exceptionally high and a tribute to those who built them and the families who lived there. But times have changed and the city is moving on.

What better way to celebrate this than a spectacular demol­ition of the Red Road flats as part of the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games? Go for it, Glasgow.

David Hannay