Denial of dignity

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There has been much comment made on the culture prevailing in our society that encourages the pursuit of wealth at any cost, and condones the ill-treatment of the old and vulnerable in places where they should be safe from harm. This culture has not 
appeared overnight. It has roots that are complicated and various. We idolise money, celebrity status, beauty and youth; everything that can be counted or is easy on the eye. Seeing the beauty within people is becoming a thing of the past. Is it any wonder then that the frail, the sick, the old and wizened are too often being treated with a lack of respect – even at times with derision?

There are many fine doctors and nurses. And for every person who can tell of a harrowing experience while in care, there is another who will praise the attention received. But good care should not depend upon luck. When a relative, a father or mother is very ill, who may even be a bit of a handful, who may be “railing against the dying of the light”, then we have a duty to see that each one is cared for with compassion. One person denied dignity, is one too many.

Nancy Clusker

Edinburgh Road

Bathgate, West Lothian