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Full marks to the Irish Dail for allowing a referendum on slimming down government by abolishing the Senate, resulting in a narrow majority for the status quo.

We Britons deserve the same opportunity, straitened as we are by a public service austerity environment with virtually all government departments and local authorities ordered to cut costs and jobs.

Our government, a power elite of the privileged class, is now engaged in a palpable assault on the country’s most vulnerable members.

The so-called “bedroom tax” graphically exposes its offhand arrogance, compounded by a vicious attack on people unfortunate enough to be reliant on benefits.

They’ve even decided to cancel the pitiful 1 per cent rise awarded to NHS staff.

Notably, no reduction is imposed on parliamentary representation. Why do we still suffer the ridiculous House of Lords, outnumbering the Commons, yet with no power of enactment?

The answer is that many of our MPs expect to “graduate” to that upper privilege level, with its “supplementary pension” of £300 per day.

It’s time for true democracy: let the people decide!

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road

Tranent, East Lothian