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We HAVE heard ad nauseam the calls for Mr Salmond to explain his Plan B in the event that the Westminster government refuses to do a deal on Scotland retaining the pound.

I think Mr Salmond has been very clear that what he is setting before the electorate, ie the retention of the pound, is his considered view of what is the best option for Scotland and also, as it happens, for the rest of the UK. Voters must make up their own minds on whether they agree with this position.

If the majority vote Yes, this will in itself be a declaration of support for Mr Salmond’s ­position on currency and hence will be the sovereign will of the ­people.

I would therefore be keen to understand what Mr Darling’s position on Scotland’s currency will be from that point forward. Will he support the sovereign will of the people or does he have his own Plan B?

In the forthcoming debate, he must not be allowed to hide behind an argument which suggests this point is hypothetical, or that he is not prepared to discuss an outcome which he believes would be bad for the country, as these argument turn in on themselves.

The public have a right to know where Mr Darling stands on this point, post-referendum.


Majors Place