Dark underbelly

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A much deeper and more
profound matter is raised by Donald Lewis (Letters, 3 June) commenting on one of your
correspondents’ threat to
boycott B&Q because one of its top people expressed the wish that the UK would be better kept intact.

What kind of one-party state could lie in wait should the
people of this country vote to separate?

A country where expressing an opinion contrary to Nationalist dogma incurs the wrath of the most zealous

A secret police perhaps to spy on those having the temerity to suggest the emperor may in fact be unclothed?

In a free country we should be able to boycott whatever retail establishment we wish.

But after reading some of the letters and social media threats and abuse suffered by the B&Q executive, once more the dark underbelly of Nationalism is

I truly fear that this is merely the thin edge of the wedge
and being considered “anti-Scottish” in a separated Scotland now brings on Orwellian

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg