Dangerous cycle

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I sincerely hope the MSPs debating on Cycle Law Scotland’s proposals will really think deeply about this matter for cyclists. Surely it is not right that motorists will be held to be in the wrong, no matter what.

I have commented on this matter before because I am concerned about the drive there is to get more and more people – including youngsters – on their bikes and on to the busy roads.

After the success of the 2012 Olympics with gold medals won and Tour de France success, people were urged to get their own bikes.

Last Friday I saw a cyclist with a young child in the seat at the back of the bike cycling on the pavement.

They were clearly in a risky and vulnerable position.

My local paper carried a letter from a horse rider who was concerned about cyclists not knowing how to treat horses on the road, whether approaching from the front of the horse or coming from behind.

Cyclists have a lot to learn.

Jessie Kilgour


East Lothian