Daft democracy

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If further evidence that “asking the public” to choose names for iconic (or just big) stuff is guaranteed to result in mediocrity and/or plain silliness, the Queensferry Crossing is it (your report, 27 June).

It’s a bridge; it will avoid both Queensferrys. There must have been a dozen better suggestions than that (the Kingdom Bridge?) It will be the New Bridge, and that’s that.

I beg the Scottish Government to get a grip. Its job is to govern: consult the right experts then make a decision.

At all costs, do not “consult the people/seek the popular view” on Scotland’s national anthem. What we have at present is a popular drinking dirge.

There is time to do us proud in time for the Commonwealth Games. Just do it.

David Roche

Alder Grove

Scone, Perthshire