D-Day irony

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I WONDER how many Scots from both sides of the independence debate were struck by a major absurdity in the commemorations of D-Day in Normandy?

Representing Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond, texted that it had “been moving to hear memories from #DDay70 veterans” and was photographed beside Scots survivors of the battle, as if, somehow, they had managed to overcome the Germans on their own, which typifies how out of touch he is. Moreover, he does not see the irony of a Scottish nationalist commemorating the defeat of a German nationalist regime.

Equally, he does not see the other exquisite irony that he is attending the commemoration of a war that we would have lost if we had not been one, united country. He is attempting to destroy the very nation that, by being united, defeated the Nazi threat. That victory gained in unity has given him and his fellow Nationalists the freedom to destroy the very nation that gave him that freedom. That is a supreme irony which, I hope, will not be lost on Scotland’s intelligent voters.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive


I WATCHED the Normandy reunion, where the veterans – who were real heroes – proudly displayed their medals.

I assume the Prince of Wales collects medals from Ebay as the array he had attached to his jacket outshone the veterans. Unless I am mistaken, he has never fought in a war (unlike his brother and son), so what were the medals he was wearing?


Greenhorns Well Crescent, Falkirk