Cyclists’ safety

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Following on from the brave article by Alastair Dalton (26 
February) and the sympathetic letter from Jessie Kilgour (4 March) about dangerous cyclists I offer the following question.

I regularly drive between South Queensferry and Kirkliston and there is a two-way cycle track but cyclists seem to scorn this facility.

This reluctance seems to have spread to other areas despite cycle tracks being provided, at great expense by taxpayers, for the cyclists’ safety.

Brenda Mitchell, of Cycle Law Scotland, who is a lawyer dealing with cycling accident compensation, claims to want legislation so that in all accidents involving a cyclist the vehicle driver will be held responsible unless they can prove conclusively that they were not to blame.

It would be interesting to know the compensation position of a cyclist who is injured in a road accident when they 
were not using the cycle track provided.

It would also be interesting to know the compensation position where a cyclist is injured, while illegally cycling on the pavement, by an irate pedestrian.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road