Cyclists let down

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Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC), the national cycling charity, is bitterly dismayed over the ­decision of the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh to allow Gary McCourt, whose driving has killed two cyclists, back on the roads (your report, 26 September).

Only 12 appeals are heard a year in Scotland, so it was a huge success that the appeal came ­before the Edinburgh High Court, however, the decision to reject the appeal is truly disappointing.

The Scottish Criminal Justice system has let down cyclists and all other road users by allowing McCourt to drive again so soon, thereby demonstrating their failure to take his atrocious driving seriously.

The family of Audrey Fyfe, the second cyclist killed, is bitterly disappointed with the ruling. The authority to drive a motor vehicle is not a right; it is a privilege that should be withdrawn when driving conduct kills, injures or seriously endangers others, particularly when more vulnerable road users are affected.

Allowing McCourt to continue driving is neither right nor acceptable in a civilised society. The Scottish Government needs to look at CTC’s Road Justice campaign demanding tougher sentences for bad drivers, better charging and prosecution decisions and better roads policing.

(Dr) Chris Oliver

CTC Scotland