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I have cycled for more than 70 years, passed my motorcycle test in 1960 and my car test in 1966. In all that time I have never had a point on my driving licence and, with that background, I took real exception to the letter by
Malcolm Parkin (26 June).

I accept that there are plenty of bad manners exhibited by road users, but it is not confined to cyclists. I would also suggest that Mr Parkin stands for the
requisite one hour at, for
example, Gogarburn Roundabout and witness the number of drivers who blatantly accelerate through a red light.

This is not confined to cars and vans but includes large articulated lorries. I would also suggest he drive, on any road, at the speed limit where conditions make this possible. It does not matter if it is a motorway (70mph), in town (30mph) or on the Forth Road Bridge (50mph). See how many people he passes.

Most motorists do not seem to appreciate that speed limits are mandatory and not optional.

I have, however, a suggestion to make. As a number of motorists also ride bicycles and, realistically, forget all the rules of the road when they venture out on two wheels, if they are caught
cycling in an inappropriate
manner then they will get points on their driving licence.

I say this because I know of a number of motorists who, when on a bike, think it is acceptable to ride on the pavement.

Colin Oliver


West Lothian