Cybernat clearout

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SO a spokesman for the SNP has condemned the attacks on Edin­burgh Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy over his views on Scottish independence, but has then trawled out the excuse that, of course “online abuse was not the preserve of one political persuasion” (your report, 30 May).

Sadly, this is undoubtedly true. However, could not the SNP, instead of getting involved in a tiresome counter-blame game, take the opportunity to show real leadership and clean up its own act first by demanding a halt to, and condemning without qualification, any such outpourings by Nationalists in future?

In putting its own house in order, the SNP would set an ­example for everyone else to follow.

Neil McKinnon

Glenalmond, Perth

HAVING suffered personal online Cybernat abuse over many years, I have great sympathy with Sir Chris Hoy (Your report, 30 May). As is inevitably the case, his points are no doubt left unanswered and the attacks are purely and simply nasty and personal.

Much the same occurs almost daily online and on newspaper letters’ pages; debating points are not answered by the Nationalist side, instead those daring to think for themselves and express their thoughts are 
attacked. Daring to express honestly held views that are contrary to dogma are heresy in the eyes of these zealots.

What a dreadful country this would be if those wishing to separate us from the rest of the UK ever gained their wish. I guess Sir Chris would join me and many others against the metaphorical wall, should the “great day” ever come.

Alexander McKay