Currency risks

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Ominously, the pound has fallen heavily against the US dollar and the euro as odds shorten on a break-up of the UK, with currency brokers and the Treasury braced for further falls.

Analysts and bookies believe the chances of a Yes victory are slim but investors are insuring themselves against the impact of the financial car-wreck which would follow.

Many Scots wanted David Cameron to face down Alex Salmond when, in 2011, with a tiny majority, he demanded a referendum and his failure so to do may yet prove catastrophic.

(Dr) John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews

The First Minister continues to refuse to provide us with his preferred currency for an independent Scotland should, as is likely, a formal currency union not be accepted by the rest of the UK. One can only assume he realises the only option that would not decimate the Scottish economy (the rUK economy will be fine whatever happens) would be to join the euro, with all that that will entail. Why doesn’t he just come clean?

A Black

Lady Place