Cultural affront

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Regarding Edinburgh Council’s recent endorsement for the capital’s Unesco-accredited “City of Literature” status with the inscription of Alexander McCall Smith’s words in the bland stonework of the Atria development (your report, 7 February), what terrible irony indeed when the council is all set to rubber-stamp the demolition of the magnificently placed Canongate Venture building in the ­Waverley Valley to make way for yet more bland, speculative development.

This much-loved, structurally sound but tragically neglected 19th-century public building has been caught up in an 
on­going “tug of war” which the local community has tried to save by recommending its use as a “Word Bank” literary centre to complement the City of Literature accolade.

For those with any remaining faith and energy in 
the face of attrition regarding this ­significantly controversial development, the city council’s planning ­portal remains open for those able successfully to navigate the obfuscation to make a public comment at this 11th hour and 59th minute in ­proceedings.

Simon Byrom

West Bow