Culling corvids

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The current debate on Larsen traps and corvid control in the Letter pages seems to miss a couple of key points.

Firstly, while it is true to say, as Mr Robins (5 March) does, that corvids and ground nesting birds have long existed together, the balance has changed.

As a result of demands from an ever growing human population, we have created an environment with an artificially high corvid population.

With their populations supported by a mass of scavenged food from the likes of roadsides, dumps and even bird tables, they are able to put an artificially high pressure on declining species such as lapwings and curlews.

Secondly, the use of Larsen traps is highly regulated in Scotland, so as to ensure that it is both humane and effective.

Against this background, the responsible approach on the part of man is to try to redress the balance that he has upset. Anything less constitutes a careless approach to our wildlife.

Mike Swan

Game & Wildlife 
Conservation Trust