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Animal campaigners are urging would-be tourists to stay away from the Lake District this year in protest against the proposed mass cull of Canada geese on Windermere (your report, 8 March).

The killing of 200 birds on their nests this spring – and hundreds more in coming years – is also opposed by the RSPCA. Local bird experts and campaigners say the killing will be a “bloodbath”. Despite making claims that the birds cause pollution and “decimate” grassland, the local authority has admitted that “Windermere has had no specific studies regarding the effects of Canada geese on local habitat”. The authority has not sought the advice from humane deterrence experts and is determined to pursue a cull. Anyone who opposes the killing of these majestic birds should vote with their wallets and book a holiday elsewhere. Full details can be found at

Kate Fowler

Head of campaigns

Animal Aid