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Hugh White (Letters, 25 July) sincerely hopes with a Yes vote we will become a “free and independent nation”.

Two empirical examples suggest “freedom and independence” are ideals difficult to attain except when speaking formally.

First, the Scottish Government approved the substation for the wind project to which the Trump organisation is objecting.

Seemingly, according to the Trump Organisation, this matter will be in court for many years to come.

How far is this “dollar power” a limitation on the freedom of 
any democratically elected

Secondly, the latest retail ­volume figures show that the economy is heavily dependent on consumer spending.

How apposite the TV series The Men Who Made Us Spend currently being shown on BBC2.

We should also bear in mind the “hidden persuaders” are far more sophisticated today with smart technology.

Arguably these examples show the constraints on freedom and independence whether we vote Yes or No.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire