Cruel reaction

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I write in response to the 
article on the murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp (14 May). Her death was a truly heinous 
crime and the pain felt by her parents and family is frankly 

When a despicable crime and the subsequent trial are very much in the headlines emotions run high and there are inevitably calls for a return to capital punishment.

Our hearts go out to Tia’s father who, understandably in these highly emotive circumstances, has called for the death penalty for the man who 
murdered her.

However, we must consider that in every country in which the death penalty still exists as a form of punishment there are grave injustices and miscarriages of justice – whether the country is Iran, Japan or America. We can and should ­vocally condemn this crime but we must leave the calculated cruelty of capital punishment in the past.

Mark Bevan

Amnesty International Scotland

St Andrew Square