Cruel fun

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The Prime Minister’s “protruding disc” suggests that he understands pain, at least his own pain, and one wishes his compassion and value for his own life and well-being extended to the deer he mercilessly shoots for a bit 
of fun.

Animal-loving Britons abhor cruelty to animals and know full well, as should Mr Cameron, that stags, the fathers and protectors of the deer family, often experience a slow and painful death after being shot. Mr Cameron should leave shows of baseless, old-fashioned machismo to Vladimir Putin.

It is disturbing to see that killing animals is the Prime Minister’s idea of a holiday.

If he wants to enjoy nature, perhaps he can take up quietly watching their majestic, gentle nature and harmless, environmentally sound way of life 
instead of blasting at them with a shotgun.

Ben Williamson

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)

All Saints Street