Courting trouble

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The appearance of Nigella Lawson as a witness has drawn attention to what is indeed a serious problem with the court process in this country – its brutal adversarial system. Barristers/advocates have every incentive to trash the reputation of witnesses who have no choice but to appear and have no right to redress or even to legal representation.

I know many in the profession and, with the odd exception, I am underwhelmed by their intellectual gifts and am quite capable of taking care of myself in a debate. But a court is not a debating chamber, so I take great pains to avoid appearing there and I am even more leery of doing so after Ms Lawson’s deplorable experience. If a combative controversialist like me hesitates to face the barrister/advocate bully boys with one hand tied behind his back, what chance for some abused teenage girl?

Dr John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews, Fife