Corbyn effect

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It appears as if some people think that the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader will prove that “Labour has got its soul back”.

They are entitled to their view, of course, but I fear the adoption of Mr Corbyn will not mean the return to Labour of those lost to Ukip down south and the SNP in Scotland.

Instead, it could mean the end of Labour as we know it and a schism that will see the emergence of a new centrist social democratic party. The remnants of the hard left led by the Corbyn brigade will drift into political oblivion.

Jeremy Corbyn and his 
allies, I am sure, are well aware that without Labour “cover”, they are simply unelectable and doomed.

The most crucial test of popularity will not be by enthusiastic Labour Party members or union leaders or members, but by the UK public.

The recent emergence of the Corbyn factor, the SNP in Scotland, Ukip in England and even Syriza in Greece, would suggest a general disillusionment across Europe with mainstream politics, particularly among the have-nots in our society.

Unfortunately, the price that will have to be paid for far left indulgence is certain to be further impoverishment for those most in need.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg