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I am ashamed to admit I was one of the 28,783 people who had a passport and other documents stolen abroad last year (your report, 18 July). I have survived, to mention a few places, Kingston, Nairobi, Moscow and Bangkok, but a ­moment’s distraction in Palma, Mallorca was all it took. It was 2pm.

Full marks to HBOS and RBS. One phone call to each cancelled my credit cards. Also to the local police. Credit to Ryanair, which allowed me to fly out the same evening without a temporary passport, as I had alternative photographic ID.

I was unable to obtain a temporary passport. Staff at the British consulate (in Madrid) to which I was put through on the phone by the police at 3:45pm, told me they closed at 4pm. My message, therefore, is that if you are going to have your passport stolen in Spain, make sure it happens before mid-afternoon, or you may well be stranded until next day.

Simon Trotter