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I want to reassure John Slee (Letters, 24 September) that I was not conned by Gordon Brown nor was I tricked by Better Together into voting No.

I am perfectly capable of making up my own mind. I am a scientist – I looked at the evidence and I came to a conclusion.

Both sides have wasted resources which could have gone on helping our least fortunate citizens.

We have spent two and a half years in fruitless, divisive argument – now it must stop and our representatives at Holyrood must get down to what they should be doing – running the country properly. The people have spoken – the message is clear – now get on with it.

I sympathise with people who are in poor housing or who are unemployed or who are not receiving social justice. This is what Holyrood needs to focus on and we must all work together.

Barry Hughes

Comiston Drive


As one of the No voters, I object to Dr John Slee’s caricature of my thinking. I started and finished as a No, and not for the reasons he states. The Westminster crew neither scared nor seduced me. I value the United Kingdom, and find the Nationalists’ case hollow and unconvincing.

He also says future historians will reflect upon the result in amazement. To recruit them unasked to his cause seems to me presumptuous. We must wait, and let them speak for themselves.

George Byron

Comely Bank Avenue


I was disappointed to read Dr Slee’s letter. I could claim that 45 per cent of the electorate was duped by smoke and mirror promises but I would not be prepared to insult their intelligence by making such a claim.

Why then does he insult the intelligence of the majority of his fellow citizens who disagreed with him and voted for prudence?

They were not interested in bullying or being frightened, nor did this cut any ice. Perhaps petulant people like Dr Slee should be sent to the naughty step while most people get on with the task of healing Scotland’s wounds and working together to create a strong and healthy country.

Kenn McLeod

Ralston Drive