Climate illusion

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Attempts to “push down temperatures” by sequestering carbon dioxide from burning biomass are doomed to fail (‘Scientists claim 21st-century holy grail: how to reverse climate change’, your report 11 July).

Reports suggest that, even if all greenhouse gas emissions ceased today, the atmosphere will continue warming for at least 100 years, probably releasing methane locked underground and sending the temperature over a tipping point.

This will threaten humanity’s very survival on a drowned ­planet.

The only practical way to stop the warming is to cut down the amount of heat reaching us from the sun.

This could be done by various geoengineering methods, but they need to be deployed soon.

Waiting until it is evident that present methods are failing will be too late. 

Steuart Campbell

Dovecot Loan


The Orkney Pelamic Marine Energy Project was launched, with great fanfare, by Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond three years ago.

So far not one iota of commercially viable electricity has been generated despite the huge “investment” of Scottish taxpayers money and more from the European Union.

Now the German power giant E.on is pulling out of this research project blaming delays in the development of wave energy technology.

I suggest that commercial reality has dawned on E.on.

Engineers have previously said that this would never be commercially viable without huge subsidies from electricity users similar or even more than those for wind turbines.

This project and that other expensive “white elephant” carbon capture and storage will soak up our taxes for years until a few brave MSPs say “enough is enough”. Are there any “brave” members of the Scottish Parliament?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian