Church wronged

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THE United Nations watchdog on children’s rights, which has hauled the Vatican over the coals for its handling of sex abuse, has now released its 
recommendations (your report, 6 February).

The report is ignorant and misguided, peddling myths for which there is no foundation, and it betrays an extraordinary misunderstanding of the nature of the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy See, while seeking to impose an ideology of gender and sexuality in violation of the UN’s commitment to religious freedom.

The 16-page UN report is so full of errors, confusion and myths that it is impossible to tackle them all. However, the principal faults include ignorance about the Church’s record on abuse, misunderstanding about the Church and attempts to impose an ideology of sexuality and gender.

Although the Holy See has promised to look at the recommendations, it cannot possibly accept them without violating the Church itself.

By ignoring the evidence put to it by the Holy See on 
16 January, the UN committee has shown itself to be a kangaroo court. The Holy See can only now consider withdrawing from the UN convention. The committee has very seriously undermined both its own credibility and that of the UN as a whole.

Martin Conroy


East Lothian

Unfortunately the Catholic Church continues to resist criticism rather than admit the litany of sins against countless children committed by countless priests over the decades. 

I propose a large black marble obelisk be erected in the Vatican City engraved with the names of every priest ever found guilty of abusing any child. Thus the cardinals could daily reflect on the sins of the church.

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street