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As my previous letter (25 
September) cited ills resulting from Christianity it is 
bizarre that the Rev Dr Robert Anderson (Letters, 26 September) should point to those
responsible for infecting Scotland with this creed, or exporting it abroad, as supporting his argument that Christianity is good. And the Protestant reformers he lists would not have needed to do their reforming had Scotland not been Christian to begin with.

As for the remainder of his heroes, Carnegie was not a Christian. Although he attended church in later life he was a deist. And the scientists owed their achievements to the scientific method, not their faith.

Mr Anderson’s final paragraph is a mixture of disingenuous semantics about marriage and a “tyranny of the majority” view of democracy. The real reason many Christians oppose gay marriage has nothing to do with definitions of “marriage”.

It is because Christianity is homophobic.

It would be surprising if Christianity had not achieved something good in the centuries it has commanded great power and wealth, but it has been at a great cost, and Scotland would better rid of it.

Stephen Moreton

Marina Avenue

Warrington, Cheshire

I have not read The Scotsman letters page for a few days and now having done so it is sad to see religious arguments dominating the pages again. Time has told us that there will never be common ground on the 
religion issue but hope springs eternal for believers, so they 
cannot let go.

You either believe or you don’t and no amount of posturing from one side will persuade the other to change their views.

As a No voter I am tempted to support another referendum which, while providing the right result, also managed to keep religion off the pages for a while.

Tom steel

Spencer Place