Church of 
England says 
No to women bishops by just six votes

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Since the post of bishop is
a paid role, employed by the Church of England, the women should take their case to the 
European Court of Human Rights. The Church is clearly 
defying equal opportunities 

- Grumpyscot

Ladies, come and join the
world of science, where belief
is based on evidence and 
opportunity is afforded equally.

- Velv

Once again the church
proves its irrelevance in the
modern world.

- South Wales Scot

Twenty-four Anglican 
bishops occupy seats in the House of Lords. The Church 
of England has been given 
ample time to address the
fact that they are appointed 
on a sexist basis, and has failed 
to do so. The Church can be left to wither away in peace but 
parliament is a public institution and the public should not have 
to tolerate practices that go against democracy and the law 
of the land.

- Brech

Why does this ghastly,
undemocratic lot still have seats in the House of Lords?

- Quertycat

Another missed opportunity
by the Church to move with the times. No wonder there are empty seats every Sunday.

- Goa Jambo

Not only do the clergy have
26 seats on the House of Lords, they take up unelected seats in every one of Scotland’s education committees. There are up to 
four of them on every one of 
the 32 committees. This is not 
democracy; it’s theocracy.

- Vrijheid

Good news. Women should
stick to cleaning the house,
cooking and having babies. The world has gone downhill ever since we let them in to pubs.

- Nabodican